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Bug#310801: reopening upgrade bugs

In message <20050922142223.GT21331@seventeen>, Bill Allombert writes:
>reopen 310801   [...]
>Hello, I reopen these report that have been summarily closed without
>being processed.  When the bug is an upgrade failure, we should at least
>try to reproduce the failure before closing the bug. [...]

While I agree with you in general, I believe it's reasonable to close
#310801 (the bug I reported on upgrading from Woody to Sarge on a 
Mips/Cobalt system), as the major part of the bug was resolved in the
manner you suggest (updated release notes, description provided).

The only thing that hadn't been addressed was the note that my
particular kernel (custom compiled) didn't have tmpfs/shmfs in it, and
that caused a bunch of warnings in /etc/init.d/mountvirtfs when it tried
to mount /dev/shm.  My suggestion was that the requirement for this file
system be mentioned in the release notes (or somewhere else appropriate
so people building their own kernels were aware of it).  But since the
upgrade worked anyway I don't think it's a big deal.

>From my point of view, now that the Woody->Sarge upgrade QA cycle is
over, you can close this (#310801) bug again.


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