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Bug#318372: acknowledged by developer (Closing old bugs)

On Tue, Sep 20, 2005 at 06:48:21PM -0700, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> This bug report refers to problems upgrading from a stable woody system 
> to an almost complete sarge, while Sarge was still testing or in some 
> cases, an even earlier transition. Since sarge has been released for 
> several months now, I think this report no longer applies, and am 
> closing it. Many of these issues were fixed, the rest most likely do not 
> matter. If you feel this bug was closed prematurely, please reopen the bug.
> Thank You,
> Benjamin Seidenberg

I'm sorry to be an annoyance, but I don't agree with the reasons to close
the bug. Sarge was released on 6 June 2005, I upgraded on 5 July 2005, and
filed the bug on 15 July 2005.  Sarge was not testing when I found the

A reading of my bug reports shows that the problem has to do with duplicate
entries for fonts in certain archives. I also mention that the bug seems to
be a duplicate of bug 306051. That bug was considered closed by the
reporter, but the problem described there is exactly the same as the one I
had. Since I never touched the files involved, I believe the problem
originated specifically in the upgrade process, and thus I filed a bug
against upgrade-reports, thinking it was the correct thing to do.

Probably, this bug will not appear in a future release upgrade, as it might
be due to some incompatibility specific to the woody/sarge transition, but I
would have loved to hear some kind of technical argument like that, instead
of something like "it's been so long since sarge was release that probably
this does not matter or does not apply".  



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