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Bug#316948: acknowledged by developer (Closing old bugs)

reopen 316948

On Tue, Sep 20, 2005 at 06:48:19PM -0700, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:

> This bug report refers to problems upgrading from a stable woody system 
> to an almost complete sarge, while Sarge was still testing or in some 
> cases, an even earlier transition. Since sarge has been released for 
> several months now, I think this report no longer applies, and am 
> closing it. Many of these issues were fixed, the rest most likely do not 
> matter. If you feel this bug was closed prematurely, please reopen the bug.
> Thank You,
> Benjamin Seidenberg

I'm sorry, but I disagree with the reason to close the bug report. It is not
true that this bug refers to an upgrade "while Sarge was still testing".
Sarge was release on 6 June 2005, I upgraded on 5 July 2005, and filed the
bug report on the same day. 

I cannot test whether this report still holds, as I don't have a woody
system available, but I thought the upgrade-reports exists to avoid problems
in future releases, and if the report is closed with the explanation that "I
think this report no longer applies", I cannot be satisfied. (It is possible
that this particular bug reports falls in the category "the rest most likely
do not matter". Except that for me it *did* matter, and there was clearly
some issue with the festlex-poslex package.)

Anyway, if the developers think the bug should be closed anyway, I will
not argue further. But the reasons given to close it do not apply here.



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