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Re: apt-get dist-upgrade broken: udev

On Mon, 19 Sep 2005, Prashant Kumar wrote:

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 12:23:04PM -0400, Brandon Kuczenski wrote:
Last night I was brave and attempted an apt-get dist-upgrade before I went
to sleep.
hmm, you should have  used  -d option

--download-only?  But I wanted to install as well.

The error was in installing udev_0.068-2_i386.deb -- it complained that it
needed a kernel >= 2.6.12 to install, and promptly quit.
I am not if it helps but kernel-image packages are now linux-image

Yeah, which is WEIRD. but ok.

I assume that
the specified kernel is part of the dist-upgrade, but I cannot find a
kernel-image-2.6.1[2-9] debfile in my /var/cache/apt/archive directory.
But I guess kernel is not upgraded in dist-upgrade.

Why would dist-upgrade pull down a package that it couldn't install?

I did find kernel-package_9.007_all.deb and installed it (with dpkg), but
it doesn't look like it provided a new kernel (my grub menu has not been
Which kernel are you using currently?



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