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Re: gcc 4.0 and kernel building

В Срд, 14/09/2005 в 17:37 +0200, neologix@free.fr пишет:
> Hello.
> I just updated my Sarge laptop to Etch, and everything works fine (specially
> Xorg!), except that I could no more build my own kernel (2.6.11):
> during the "menuconfig", there were many warnings, during the "make" too and
> errors.
> As I noticed gcc 4.0 had been uploaded to Etch, I changed the defalut gcc and
> cpp version back to 3.3.6, by changing the gcc and cpp soft links targets.
> I tried again to build my kernel, and everything went fine.
> So, two questions:
> -was it the best solution to switch back to gcc 3.3, and was editing the links
> the right wayto perform this?
> -I assume I am not the only one who experienced such problems: maybe is this
> worth a bug report?
Well, imho, kernel will not support all those new gcc's. So you can try
to use enviroment variables to point to gcc-3.3 (export CC=gcc-3.3) or
edit kernel's Makefile, changing "gcc" to "gcc-3.3". It IS normal.
Yury Luneff,
TSURE, 2005.            ICQ 293527227           JabberID bitterman@jabber.ttn.ru

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