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Re: why is gnome-desktop-environment 1: in testing?

"Alejandro Bonilla" <abonilla@linuxwireless.org> writes:
>> gnome-desktop-environment 1:, in testing, depends on
>> sound-juicer (>= 2.10.1).
>> But sound-juicer in testing is only version 0.6.1-2.
>> How did gnome-desktop-environment get into testing, with an
>> unsatisfiable dependency?
> a cd ripper shouldn't be a dependencie, the applets should be, the
> browser could be... but CD-Ripping? What if this is a server that
> doesn't even need to Rip CD's?

(a) You shouldn't install Gnome on a server
(b) You don't need to install a meta-package if you don't want to
    install some of the components it provides

> Wasn't the main idea of debian and apt, that you only install what you
> want and what is necessary?

Yeah, and meta-packages are there to make it easy to install a large
heap of packages that belong together.

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