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2.6.10 install - PS2 Keyboard not recognized

I have tried many different ways of installing the 2.6 kernel on a micro ATX box. I recently downloaded and burned the full distro on a bootable DVD-ROM.

When I boot from the DVD-rom I'm able to type "linux26" or "expert26" at the boot prompt, but as soon as the first menu appears my PS2 keyboard does not work. This same keyboard with same machine works fine with the 2.4 kernel. Also, I've tried to use the same DVDROM to boot to another PC, and everything works just fine. So, I know its not the DVD or keyboard, and the problem only occurs with 2.6 on this specific machine.

Anyone know what this issue could be?

specs of the machine.....
# Motherboard: Chyang Fun CFI-S86 (VIA P4M266 Socket 478)
# Form Factor: Flex ATX
# CPU: Socket478 Intel Pentium 4
# FSB: 400MHz Quad-pumped
# BIOS: Award PnP BIOS
# Chipset: VIA P4M266
# User I/O: 2 Serial ports, PS/2 Mouse, Keyboard


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