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Re: Asynchronous reboot on sarge install

On 30 Mar 2004, at 14:54, Derrell.Lipman@UnwiredUniverse.com wrote:

Dave Marples <dave@marples.net> writes:

Trying to install Sarge onto a Shuttle XPC (SB51G). Install goes find but when the machine spins up the initial install image on the hard drive the machine resets itself after about 7 seconds...it's working perfectly (asking me to enter root password and configure a user account) until the reboot

Anyone seen this behavior/got any clues?

I was seeing something similar. I'd get through the install up through the installation's request to reboot, it would reboot from the hard disk, and run fine for some arbitrary amount of time (typically a small number of minutes) and then reboot spontaneously. I initially thought I was having hardware problems which were causing this, but the machine is now running fine on a
Woody installation dist-upgraded to Sid.

BTW, those reboots were occurring with installer Beta2 and Beta3.


Forgot to mention, this machine installs/runs Woody fine, and it's been running various incarnations of Mandrake for the past year....so looks like you and I might well have the same issue..I'll keep digging.

What hardware were you using BTW?


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