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Debootstrap error 1 on install

I just found this list server address, and realized that my bug report
should go here.

Woody doesn't new-install.  Period.
A debug log "dbg_log.tgz"  is attached.

More on the specifics of the error:

Installation:  Woody/Compact, found at

                   (downloaded from German  site)
                   or base-#.bin, linked to from the Installation manual

Method:      Both ways -- hard drive (tar) install, floppy install
Error in:      dbootstrap (Return value 1)
When:        after all extracting [tar] or after validation process
[floppy install]

Troubleshooting:  I tried eliminating most of the configuration; I
believe I had lineprinter and the 3rd SCSI option [normal SCSI]
selected, everything else was simply left alone.  Error still occurred.

System:  800 Mhz Packard Bell PII, 64 MB, 20Gig HD+4 Gig HD.  ne2k-pci
RTL-8029 NIC card; network is available.   Previously setup was dual
boot  for Win98/Potato on normal DOS config.sys menu + loadlin ; but I
wanted Baltic fonts (apparently avail. with Woody).   Current setup is
[Windows only/Linux dead]

Linux Partitions are all on 20 Meg, as follows:
/hdc1 = vfat  /hdc2=/root  /hdc3 = swap  /hdc4 = var  /hdc5 = usr /hdc6
= home

  - Michael Rudmin

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