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Earn 40% per month - every month!


Dear Sir/Madam

I obtained your e-mail address from an auto-responder. You are not on a mailing list.

I recently joined an investment program. I can now safely say that I have
found an investment program that pays, pays well and pays on time.

I am now receiving 40% per month on my investment and I also receive 5% of
the funds that people I refer invest. I?ve just entered my forth month and I?ve earned 120% of my investment. I?ve also earned quite a bit from referrals ? that?s a bonus I wasn?t counting on.

The company frowns on spamming so I won?t give you the name here. I
want to get the word out to make more referral fees before the memberships are

If you would like to hear more please e-mail me at <cammac@safe-mail.net >
and I?ll get back to you right away, you?ll be happy you did.

If you are upset you received this e-mail I?m sorry but don?t worry. This is
the only one I will send.

Thank you,

Cameron MacDonald

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