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Re: Latest woody upgrade to causes fonts in X to disappear

I saw the same in mozilla/kde. But restarting the X-Server solved the problem 
for me.


> I did an 'apt-get upgrade' to my testing system yesterday and got > 50
> MB of upgraded packages(!)
> This upgrade included version 4.10 of X. I notice now that on a large
> number of applications, such as the Gnome desktop and applications
> which have pop-up or drop-down menus, that the text has been replaced
> by squares (in fact, this makes Gnome essentially unusable; switching
> to kde restored much of the functionality).  I assume this means that a
> particular font got messed up by the upgrade, but I really don't know
> where to look.  Has anyone else seen this (and found a solution)?
> Bob
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