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Re: Gnome totally broke

I have experienced roughly the same things.

I really don't have details but this is what I did or attempted per se.

I did a small Potato install from CD.
changed my sources to woody.
apt-get update 
apt-get dist-upgrade

Complete failure. As a new user to Debian I can't say who's at fault
where. I am still learning apt-get, dselect and dpkg.

While going through this process I scoured the mailing lists including
Google's archive of debian-user looking for information. Many people
were having problems with X and Gnome moving from Potato to Woody.

After several attempts and understanding certain things in broken in
Woody were fixed in Sid, I simply changed my sources to sid. Did a
complete new (reinstall) of Potato (basic) and did a network install of

It went reasonably well, I just have some configuration issues to work

In my limited and brief experience Unstable has been more stable than

Anthony may have a working Testing install, but that does not invalidate
these issues. I'll agree that they could have been brought up in a
friendlier manner.

At this time I do not (but will) have an understanding on how "holding"
packages affects things on an install or upgrade such as what I did. It
would still seem to be broken as I still would not have any of the
required packages on my system. Anthony could possibly do a "hold"
because he still has older versions?

I personally was hoping to dist-upgrade to sid. Get a working system.
Downgrade to Woody. Woody would over time become newer than the Sid I

I also agree that there should be a distribution based on
testing/unstable which provides a reasonably current system but the all
of the packages have all of their dependencies met. If that distribution
isn't testing then maybe a new one between stable and testing should be
created. This one would have it's own set of criteria between what
stable requires and testing provides. Just a thought.

I am not trying to bash anyone here.

I knew when I attempted testing and then unstable that there may be
issues. But I figure once I get my system working it's got to be more
stable than any windows or mac I've used. :)
I'm already accustomed to restarts and crashes. :)

My biggest learning so far is the difference between the RedHat 6.2 I
was running and the Debian I have know. It's taking awhile but I think
I'll be better off for it.

One thing I'll say I do love. I do love the apt cache. I have
reinstalled numerous times trying to get it right and get it working.
Nothing new I did the same with RedHat. The apt cache is a tremendous
blessing when doing the dist-upgrade as there are few changes and I have
most of the packages in my cache. I just leave my /var and /home
partitions alone and reinstall. Makes mistakes and learning a whole lot

Overall I praise the Debian community and developers for providing a
great system. It will only get better.

Jimmie Houchin

"Thomas Bushnell, BSG" wrote:
> Woo hoo!  Testing is once again thoroughly hosed.
> This time it's a partial and corrupt installation of gnome.  Some
> packages are just missing entirely, like gnome-applets, all the
> task-gnome* packages, and who knows how much more.
> What on earth gives?
> Frankly, it seems to me that the release engineering for unstable
> (that is, none at all) is working betting than whatever the process is
> for testing.
> Thomas
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