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Re: please help test debian frozen

At 05:40 PM 6/17/00 -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
<debian-testing@lists.debian.org>. Describe how you upgraded or installed.
If everything went perfectly, say so; If there were some problems, do your
best to describe them, and any relevant information about your system.

I started with slink on CD (The O'Reilly CD) and have been in the process of upgrading my systems to/through potato first as unstable and then as frozen. My early problems were attributable (usually) to using the then-unstable potato.

My recent problems were a result of running apt-get in an Emacs20 shell buffer. This confused debconf greatly and meant that netbase and some other packages. More specifically, I was running Emacs20 on the /dev/console (aka, "glass TTY") device, not under an X11 window manager. My debconf.db was corrupted and (with Mr. Hess's aid) I cleaned it out.

My current minor frustration comes from trying to apply X11r5 experience to the current state of things. XF86Setup seems to work fine for me - the display and mouse look like what I would expect - but when I restart I get an "odd" login display wherein the mouse moves erratically and the display seems "zoomed" so that it wants to scroll. I.e., the login/password box, normally centered, is in the lower right portion of the screen. I presume this is an artifact of my stumbling (and failing) to properly configure X under slink. Since this is how things looked with slink as well, I figure I unwittingly did myself in, but it's no less annoying.

The "base" system, however, appears to work just dandy - a fine piece of work by all!

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