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Recently GPL'ed software from CERN

Hi there.

A few days ago I noticed that Cernlib has been released under the GPL
(see http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/asd/cernlib/conditions.html).

Since there are a lot of interesting things there and I have found no
reference to this software, I just wanted to let you know that a very
nice piece of software is available.

You can find more information at http://wwwinfo.cern.ch/asd/cernlib/ . I
quote from there:

"The CERN Program Library is a large collection of general purpose
libraries and modules maintained and offered in both source and object
code form on the CERN central computers. The two most popular
applications based on CERNLIB are PAW and GEANT 3.21. Most of these
programs were developed at CERN and are therefore oriented towards the
needs of a physics research laboratory that is general mathematics, data
analysis, detectors simulation, data-handling etc... applicable to a
wide range of problems."

Note that I am not the author at all, but I will be glad to answer your
questions, if any, as far as I can.



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