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Testing begins 2 May 2000

I have been told by our release manager that the freeze will end on the
second of May which will begin the two week intensive testing phase before
the release.

This is a call to get your test machines ready. I'm afraid I don't know of
anyone making test CDs, but I have already run through two FTP installs
that were very impressive. I have CC'd debian-cd in the hopes that one of
those folks will see their way clear to contribute some CDs to the testing
effort. In any case we have pleanty to do without CDs.

Our largest focus should be on the boot floppies. I am looking to have
them tested on every "odd" machine we can find, so if you have such
hardware that can be used for testing boot floppies (note, you don't
really need to install anything on these machines, just verify that they
can boot the floppies and deliver the tools for installation). 

Further we wish to extensively test the base installation, making sure
that it works with available network cards and modems to provide
connectivity needed to complete the installation.

Once you have these tests completed, each tester should choose a set of
packages that he uses regularly and test as much of their installation and
function as is possible in the remaining time.

Please report any bugs you find to this list and the BTS. We are the final
ones to look at this release before it goes out the door, so it is our
task to find the critical points of failure if they exist.

I will make another announcement when the end of freeze is official. This
was just a warning to get everyone psyched up for a round of testing. So
start pounding that bus seat and lets get pumped up for this testing

Waiting is,

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