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Re: potato /root permissions?

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> On Sun, 27 Feb 2000 paulwade@greenbush.com wrote:
> > I would certainly remember if I chmod'ed it. Anyway, I just noticed
> > that my /root is 755. I'm not sure if the install did it or the updates.
> I believe that this is correct.

I don't think /root needs to be open.

> Did you do a fresh install, and then some updates? Or was this origianly a
> slink system that you upgraded?

This is a potato install from a CD set generated on Feb 18. Updates from
the archive applied since then.

> > Anyone else have this? It's certainly not the case on my slink systems
> > which are all 700.
> With these settings only root can cd to any of the root directories. I
> think everyone is supposed to be able to enter and read directories.
> The only directory off / that doesn't have read,execute permissions set
> for everyone is /root, which _is_ 700.
> I'm not sure how your slink system got that way. Is /etc 700 as well?

My slink systems have always had /root 700 

/etc is 755 on all systems

I'm going to do an install on another system tonight and will be watching
for this.

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