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Re: Problem: libc6 package in frozen damaged?

sharkey@ale.physics.sunysb.edu scripsit:
|You should install all of the relevant packages at the same time.
|libc6, libc6-dev, and locales.

Still no luck... weird.

|Anyway, I have 2.1.3-4 installed and running now.  It's not broken.  At least
|for me.

Did you upgrade from 2.1 to it or did you do it incrementally?  I also
have 2.1.3-4 working on my laptop but I upgraded from a previous
2.1.3, not direct from 2.0

|If you're still having trouble, it's likely that something else on your
|system is broken which is causing a problem installing libc.

The question is: what?  How to do I get dpkg (or apt) to be a little
more verbose than "Error 139"?



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