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Slop 2.2.7: Tekram DC-390 still broke.

Slop 2.2.7: Tekram DC-390 still broke.

Bug# 56634 filed previously against kernel-image-2.2.14.

I tried slop 2.2.7 safe, compact, and full size rescue 1.44 floppies.
The Tekram DC-390 problems remain as before.

I noticed the compact and safe rescue floppies use 2.2.14-1, while
the full size rescue floppy uses 2.2.14-2.

I also noticed all three rescue floppies use the AM53C974 V2.0d 1998/12/25

My Mandrake 6.1 also uses AM53C974, but I don't know the version. I have
zero SCSI problems with the Mandrake 6.1 system/2.2.13 kernel. But Debian
slop 2.2.7 floppies give fatal DC-390 problems for me. 

Debian 2.0.36 kernel/2.1.9 floppies also work for me, so why not slop
2.2.7? Or even the 2.1.12 floppies?

Eddie Maddox

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