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Alternative set of Alpha boot floppies available


as promised, Flynn Marquardt and I produced a set of alternative boot-floppies
for the Alpha architecture. The floppies are based on the pre-2.2.6 CVS 
sources. They are available at:
The patch will be kept separate from the CVS sources until we agree with 
David which approach we take in the official Alpha release. 

We tested them on Alcor and Avanti and they worked (tm) for us with some

* the final umount seems to be broken which results in a harddisk check
when rebooting, probably a busybox problem ?

* installing via the loop device seems broken too, known problem ?

* installing of the kernel and drivers via floppy worked

* base via NFS worked too

Your mileage may vary ...

Short alpha specific installation instructions:

The main goal is to reduce the number of arch-specific floppies as far as 
possible. Therefore first try the generic boot floppies set then the machine
specific one.

You need to make a rescue floppy, a root floppy and one or more drivers 
floppies. First try the generic set then the machine specific ones. Only
the rescue and the driver floppies are machine specific.

The installations using aboot are started with (SRM-Console)
>> boot dva0 -fl 0
After rebooting and for rescue purposes:
>> boot dva0 -fi linux.gz -fl root=<your rootdevice e.g. /dev/sda2>

The installation using milo are started with
>> boot dva0
After rebooting and for rescue purposes
>> boot dva0
(press a key to get to the milo prompt as indicated on the screen)
at the milo prompt: boot fd0:linux root=<your rootdevice e.g. /dev/sda2>
at the milo prompt: boot sda2:vmlinuz root=<your rootdevice e.g. /dev/sda2>

The second option does allow you to boot the kernel directly from the 

The model - codename relation table is appended below.

We'd appreciate tons of testing and feedback and try to answer emails ASAP.
We are especially interested in success or failure stories with the 
generic alpha boot floppies.

The Alpha bootfloppies TODO list:

* fix alpha specific bugs

* move to 2.2.14 kernels and clean up the configs of the different archs
depending on the feedback

* add make rescue floppy option at the end of installation for Alpha

* add make bootable from harddisk option at the end of installation for Alpha

* Documentation updates

* investigate bootable CDROM and netboot on Alpha

A big thank you for his hard work to Flynn.


Family/Model                     Code Name
=============                    =========
  AS 600                         alcor
  AS 500 5/3xx                   alcor
  AS 500 5/5xx                   alcor

  AS 200 4/*                     avanti
  AS 205 4/*                     avanti
  AS 250 4/*                     avanti
  AS 255 4/*                     avanti
  AS 300 4/*                     avanti
  AS 400 4/*                     avanti

EB164                            eb164
  AlphaPC164                     pc164
  AlphaPC164-LX                  lx164
  AlphaPC164-SX                  sx164

  EB64+                          eb64p
  AlphaPC64                      cabriolet
  AlphaPCI-64                    cabriolet

EB66                             eb66

EB66+                            eb66p

  DECpc 150                      jensen
  DEC 2000 Model 300             jensen

  AS 1000 4/xxx                  mikasa
  AS 1000 5/xxx                  mikasa-p

  AXPpci33                       noname
  UDB                            noname

  AS 1000A 4/xxx                 noritake
  AS 1000A 5/xxx                 noritake-p
  AS 600A 5/xxx                  noritake-p
  AS 800 5/xxx                   noritake-p

Personal Workstation
  PWS 433a or 433au              miata
  PWS 500a or 500au              miata
  PWS 600a or 600au              miata

  Deskstation RPX164-2           ruffian
  Samsung AlphaPC164-UX/BX       ruffian

  AS 2100 4/xxx                  sable
  AS 2000 4/xxx                  sable
  AS 2100 5/xxx                  sable-g
  AS 2000 5/xxx                  sable-g

TAKARA                           takara

DP264, UP1000/2000               generic

Nautilus                         not supported (support added in 2.2.14)

Generic was successfully tested with: alcor, avanti, dp264, sx164

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