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Re: Status of Potato?

>The compact disks work.  My ServeRAID drive works on this machine.  Using
>netfetch to get the kernel and drivers still hangs.

Huh!  Haven't tried this one.

>However, using the compact kernel and drivers by floppy works.  Dhcp
>now fails again, I'll wait for 2.2.6 to see if this gets fixed.

We hope...

>Netfetch for the base image
>works fine.  On bootup LILO only shows LIL.  When I get a chance tomorrow,
>I'll take a look at my lilo.conf to track this one down.

We believe this kinda problem shall be fixed in 2.2.6.  It's a known

>In the mean time, I used the rescue floppy with root=/dev/sda3 (1 is
>/boot, 2 is swap).  As expected, the partitions are unclean.

Yeah, me too.  We're still strugging to fix this one -- it's a pretty
deep busybox problem.

>So one bug and one my fault:
>- compact disks downloading images via netfetch, maybe change the
>filenames you are downloading or find out why it might hang getting
>non-compact kernel and drivers

I jsut fixed net-fetch to respect flavors when downloading kernel and
drivers.  Perhaps this was the problem ?

>- LILO on my scsi hangs at LIL.  The docs say it's either a media error or
>a geometry problem.  Could by the partition table or some other things I
>guess (the raid software creates it's own partition).


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