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Re: Final test build of XFree86 for slink -- PLEASE TEST

[Cc: list purged]
Branden Robinson scripsit:
|  2) There will be no bogus xfnt* or xslib(g) packages that depend upon
|     their counterparts with new names.[1]
|[1] Jason Gunthorpe, apt author, has assured me in no uncertain terms that
|    Santiago Vila's proposal to create bogus packages with the names of
|    the old font and static library packages is the wrong solution because
|    apt cannot be guaranteed to do the right thing.
|    Indeed the scenario of:
|       package A depends on package B
|       package B conflicts with package A

Indeed, I upgraded my 2.0 to 2.1 using apt and lost any sensible form
of X. I ended up in endless loops with xnft-base and xnftbase and was
not exactly impressed. Took me a while to understand what was going
on. I thought it was me being stupid (which is still quite possible)
but it sure wasn't clear. I had xdm complaining about 'fixed' missing
which is pretty darned tragic. In any case, it is all fixed now but a
bit of a showstopper with apt. Of course, had I upgraded using another
method I assume I wouldn't have seen this...

Regarding Xterm since you are the X maintainer - I thought you had
agreed on the choice of xterm, xterm-debian or xterm-xfree86 to be
used as the termName resource. Did you change your mind? I assure you
that it will be a big mess for lots of us out here...



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