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Re: boot-floppies dselect acquisition methods

On 28 Jan 1999, John Hasler wrote:

> Jason Gunthorpe writes:

> > And for the tiny fraction of the population that is behind an FTP proxy
> > without any http proxy support they can fetch it from the archive by
> > hand there is no need for it to be on the boot disks. (It is hard to find
> > a PCee that cannot run netscape)
> > ...
> > Again, as with dpkg-ftp the tiny fraction of the population that is behind
> > such a firewall can get either a newer apt or a dpkg-http by hand they
> > should not be on the boot disks.
> Do we really want to be telling people that they can't install Debian
> unless they already have Windows?

How is this a statement like that? Someone could easialy do that with
another computer and a floppy disk or by running FTP by hand - we already
do that to people who need dhcp which is argably much larger than those
that need specialized proxy support.


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