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Re: Debian 2.0 install

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Enrique Zanardi wrote:

> The base system currently includes dpkg, dpkg-mountable, dpkg-multicd and
> apt.
> dpkg provides cdrom, nfs, harddisk, mounted and floppy
> dpkg-mountable provides mountable
> dpkg-multicd provides multi_cd, multi_nfs and multi_mount

> Would it be enough to change the default access method to multi_cd?
> (Just echoing "multicd multi_cd" to /var/lib/dpkg/cmethopt ).

I say take out all the methods from dpkg and make them a separate package.
Then make dpkg depend on a pseudo "dpkg-method" package (provided by apt,
dpkg-multicd, etc).  Then, set either apt or multi_cd as the default.
Yours is a good short term solution since mine probably can't be completed
for this release.


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