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Re: Debian 2.0 install

Regarding all the acquisition methods in dselect from the boot

* there are too many, it is confusing! 

* some of them suck and should be removed (no offense, please)

* I need need *need* documentation for what acquisition methods are
better for what media (cdrom, local filesystem, ftp, ftp with proxy
requiring auth, etc, etc, etc).  Could someone please even just send
me an ascii file documenting the acquisition methods?

I think this is the current list:

  cdrom          Install from a CD-ROM.
  multi_cd       Install from a CD-ROM set.
  nfs            Install from an NFS server (not yet mounted).
  multi_nfs      Install from an NFS server (using the CD-ROM set) (not yet mounted).
  harddisk       Install from a hard disk partition (not yet mounted).
  mounted        Install from a filesystem which is already mounted.
  multi_mount    Install from a mounted partition with changing contents.
  mountable      Install from a partition named in fstab
  floppy         Install from a pile of floppy disks.
  ftp            Install using ftp.
  http           Install using http:, ftp:, and file: URLs.
  apt            APT Acquisition [file,http,ftp]

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