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slink_cd v 1.02

Check the usual place:


I've changed the default level of debug and added more useful
documentation in the README - comments welcome, hopefully it should cover
everybody's needs.

The biggest real change in the code is the ability to work using a tree of
sym-links, which fixes problems for two sets of people: those with their
Debian mirror spread across many smaller partitions, and those who don't
have a local mirror and are working off (for example) an NFS-mounted one. 
Hopefully the new docs will cover what you need to do to use this, please
shout ASAP if it's not clear.

One thing you _will_ need to do to use the symlink-farm is use a patched
mkhybrid that flattens things as it makes the ISO images. I've separated
this patch out of a larger one by Tom Lees <tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk> and the
images I'm writing _right now_ are using this stuff. Grab the source and
patch or the i386 binary from the above location.

There are also a couple of new options:

single_disk will produce a standalone CD#1 for vendors who asked for this

imagesums will create MD5 sums of the images created, ready to go onto a
download site.

As far as I can see, there shouldn't need to be any significant changes
now for i386 or sparc. As far as tho other arches go, we still don't have
boot/install support for m68k, powerpc or alpha. I have been promised a
patch for m68k-amiga; please can somebody from each of the others do the
same ASAP? 

And of course there are still lots of packages needing porting to get
consistent for release...

As usual, let me know of any problems/suggestions/comments. 

Steve McIntyre,   Allstor Software       smcintyr@allstor-sw.co.uk 
Also available from steve_mcintyre@geocities.com 
"Can't keep my eyes from the circling sky, 
"Tongue-tied & twisted, Just an earth-bound misfit, I..." 

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