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Libc6 Errors in slink

Hi All,

I tried a complete slink install on my test machine yesterday and found the following problems:

1. libc6 recommends timezone, but timezone is no longer in the dist. It is provided by timezones. Dpkg does not like it. 

Solution: Change the timezone to timezones in libc6 recommends section. This is more a nuisance (sp) .

2. This is a major problem. The slink  refuses to install libc6-dev. I think it is because libc6 replaces libc6-dev according to Packages.gz and a whole bunch of stuff depend on libc6-dev.

I do not know the solution. I will try tto remove the replaces clause and see what happens tonight.

3. The boot floppies are linked with a older version of libc6 (I think so because dselect tells me that 

libc6        available=2.0.7v1        installed=2.0.6u1(or something) 


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