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Re: Default LILO config -- prompt and timeout


Ben Pfaff (pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu),
"Re: Default LILO config -- prompt and timeout":

> Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> writes:
>    I think we should change the default LILO config to prompt the
>    user (so they don't have to hit shift to get a LILO prompt)
>    and then time out in a reasonable value, say 7 seconds.
>    timeout=70

> I agree with the `prompt' part, but 7 seconds is IMO too long.  2
> seconds is more reasonable IMO and is the current value IIRC.

I think using timeout is *evil* - especialy if you're using a small value as
2 seconds. Last time I checked, LILO used this timeout for *each* character
to type - It wasn't sufficient to hit a key within the first 2 seconds after
the Boot: prompt appeared. You need to type "fast" (.5 char/sec :-). You
don't have the time to think about which syntax option foo has. Or did
LILO's behvior change?


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