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Install report

Well folks, I just did an install and it looks pretty cool (ok, I'm hyped,
first time I tried windowMaker).  Now all I need is a new monitor and
video card.  No big bugs, one program had an unpacking error but it was
non-fatal (seemed to work anyway), and the gui X setup failed because I
didn't have twm installed.  I guess we need to add twm to the default X
meta-package install.  Who should I talk to for that?

Thanks everyone, report appended,

P.S. Karl, I like that lilo.conf, I think I'm going to use it for my
personal stuff, and install the memtest program.

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Summary Information:
  Name:    Brandon Mitchell 
  Date:    1998-01-08
  Source:  ftp://llug.sep.bnl.gov/ 2.1.4 floppies in incoming
  Method:  3 1/2 Floppy rescue disk and base disks
  Machine: P 90, 16M Ram, 750M root partition, slow modem on odd irq,
		CD rom (not-used)
  Result:  Install went fine with only minor glitches

  Used cp to make the floppies.  Completed the install procedure, rebooted
  and installed additional packages using the meta-package tool.  Then
  waited a few days for my modem to download.  Only install glitch was a
  package that failed to unpack correctly but didn't have any fatal
  problems.  Haven't had a chance to test every program.  Oh, add twm to
  the X part of the meta-package list.

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