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Re: Slink Status

On Thu, Jan 07, 1999 at 13:19:50 +0100, Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> I am wondering, how we deal with this bug, if it is in egcs itself.

Earlier today I downgraded it's severity to normal, for several reasons:
- There have been no other reports of memory leaks that seem to be the
  result of the compiler. If it is a compiler problem, it does not manifest
  itself often. I strongly suspect though that the example code itself is
  problematic. The current EGCS maintainers group lacks in C++ expertise,
  so it is unlikely we'll be able to assign blame one way or the other soon.
  I'd appreciate it if people on debian-testing would look into the example 
  code provided in the report to determine if it itself introduces the
  memory leak.
- The report has been forwarded to the egcs-bugs list, where it has not
  generated any response so far.

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