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Re: Slink Status

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Brian White wrote:

> Hi!
> I hope everybody had happy holidays!  Now that most people should be getting
> back to their "normal" lives, what is the status of Slink?  

Ok, still going by memory, I'll take a shot:
1) Boot floppies: 2.1.4 looks good to many with some minor problems to
   touch up.  Do you have any outstanding bugs Enrique?
2) X: Branden dropped me a line that said another release to frozen in a
   few days.
3) Other packages: release critical bug list is getting pretty short.
4) CD group: they are putting the finishing touches on the scripts, mainly
   reorganizing what packages go on what cd's.  multi-cd stuff works.
5) Other archs: haven't heard much.  Are they allowed to sync up and
   release after we've released x86?

> When do you think would be a good release time?  End of January?

I'll second that.


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