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Re: Slink _minimum_ install from 2.1.4 disks

On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, Karl B. Hammar wrote:

> On Fri, 1 Jan 1999, Bruce Sass wrote:
> > ... or is it a waste of time defining the absolute minimum requirements
> > for a Debian floppy install?
> No, certainly not.
> BTW, installing hamm to a 386sx16 8MB ram, 58MB hd and using it as a print
> server did work for me.
> But dselect was wery slow.
Ya, I tend to use dpkg a lot.

> If you like I can try your setup on that mashine.
Thanks, but...
> In the extension of your search you might end up with a debian version of
> other minidistributions like LRP and tomrtbt.
> Is that your intention?

... no.  Although I can't help thinking of ways that the existing
distribution could be made more scalable.  e.g.: give the user the option
of deleting unwanted kernel modules before the drivers are configured;
allow for multiple `base' archives and/or .deb's during the installation;
optionally delete unrequired timezone, locale and other such files before
the system is configured, ideally before they even make it to the HD.

Hmmm, how does one go about getting the install script changed to include
the above features?  Aside from requiring a few extra keystrokes/clicks,
I don't see how it would affect any users besides those with small systems
or no ppp access to the net.



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