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Re: Report of slink installation with 2.1.3 disks

On Fri, 18 Dec 1998 19:32:49 +0300, Heikki Vatiainen <hessu@cs.tut.fi> said:
> PROCESS: Booted with tecra rescue disk since the normal rescue
> caused reboot after "Loading linux..." message even with kernel
> option "floppy=thinkpad".

As you know, we don't even have tecra disks anymore, thank god.

>   When it was time to configure PCMCIA, I had same problems as
> reported by Ian Redfern on debian-boot. When PCMCIA scripts were
> run, at least fuser, sed and expr were not found, causing error
> messages and segmentation faults. However, eth0 was available but
> disappeared when the network configuration was done.

>   I was able to recover from missing eth0 by killing cardmgr,
> removing all the PCMCIA related modules and then manually using the
> running cardmgr from the other virtual console.

>   When I proceeded installing the base system via NFS, I had to
> first move /target/sbin/cardmgr to /target/sbin/cardmgr.something so
> that base2_1.tgz could be untarred without errors.

I just tested a full base system install with loading base2_1.tgz from
NFS.  Worked fine; my show-stopper was that /etc/fstab wasn't created
(bug reported).   But these problems seem to be fixed in 2.1.4.

>   After quitting dselect, I logged in and noticed that my fi-latin1
> keymap was not loaded. There seems to be a bug somewhere still.

Another bug fixed, although I find the task after root login/reboot to
be rather confusing here.  Suggestions appreciated I'm sure.

> COMMENTS: As someone else already noted, why not have o "Another
> system will be the DNS server." as default when configuring DNS
> server? Currently it defaults to o "The system will be its own DNS
> server."

I would imagine most machines are stand-alone?

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