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2.1 Installation

The following wasn't sent out sooner, because of problems with my isp and
sending email.  I know some things have probably been fixed, but a few
things I still wish to have mentioned.

I will start by saying that I used the disks that were uploaded on 12/12.
I do not know which version it was.

AMD K-5 166
S3 Virge 4MB Video

-- When selecting to initialize or remount a Linux partition it goes to
the color/monochrome display selection.  
-- Error of not being able to create random or urandom devices.
-- modules.conf is said to not have been auto created and so I had to
force it to continue the installation.
-- Because of there being files in /etc/apm and /etc/pcmcia the pcmcia
package was not removed.  I went ahead and removed the files from there
and then reran the remove.  It went fine except that in the boot-up the
script is still linked and so it is still trying to start it up.

What I see:
-- Of course better explanation of modules.
-- Personal problem is that I created several partitions on the drive and
needed up to hda13 to mount and there are only up to 8 on the disk.  I
created the others, but newbies would be at a loss, though I don't think
they would actually chop up a drive that much.
-- When partitioning it may be nice for newbies to have a suggested number
of partitions.  Say one for root, one for home, and one for usr, with an
-- The default selections for installation is great.  The having to wait
as packages unpack and set up is not.  It would be nice to have everything
asked before the packages are installed so that you don't have to sit with

All in all it looks very nice.  With working with a very new person to
Linux, he finds it still very confusing as to what is happening.  Simple
explanations for everything would be a plus.

Example, with the modules having more of a question answer session.  Take
a network card.  Have a question of "Do you have a network card?" If they
do not then all those modules for networking can just be skipped and not

Finally, the one huge list of all the packages is even daunting for me.  I
took over an hour going through it all and saying cool I will take that
and no I don't need that.  Since I do not know what deity looks like I
hope that answers this problem.  Also, a search similar to searching the
package list on the website would be nice and not just a simple search on
the names of the packages.  Typing in "midi" and seeing all packages that
talk of it is much nicer than just seeing "playmidi."

If any of the above already has a solution implemented than it shows that
to new users they are not very obvious or hard to understand.


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