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Trying 2.1.4 boot floppies


    Enclosed is a quick summary of my test results using slink
boot floppies 2.1.4 .  Great work on the part of the boot floppy
developers, mostly everything went quite smoothly.

    Method - booted rescue diskette, base and drivers are on an
ext2 file system.

    1. The Module Install needs a little work.

        a. fs / autofs: missing documentation.

        b. nls: names are truncated, impossible to distinguish one
module from another.

        c. misc: many modules are missing documentation.

        d. misc / serial: not possible to specify any options,
e.g., irq, port, etc, (see also item 6 below).

        e. General User Interface: I like the color/mono
philosophy, please apply it here!  E.g., When a module has been
selected, then its `page' is displayed - jump the cursor to
`install' line if the module is not installed; likewise, jump the
cursor to `remove' line if the module has already been installed.

    2. I feel that the Timezones displays is backwards, i.e.,
little endian.  The directory display should be on the left, not
on the right; then the actual zone goes on the right.

    3. I could not make a Boot Floppy.  The /dev/fd0 drive groaned
a bit, then hung up with its access light on; after a while the
operation timed out and reported failure.

    4. Lilo install to the partition boot block on /dev/sdb2 worked
like a charm - no more getting my MBR on /dev/hda wiped out!

    5. After the system rebooted, the message `lspci not found'
was printed on the console.

    6. Pppconfig worked great, there is just one shortcoming.  The
results of a `setserial -bq /dev/ttyS?' command should be
displayed, so that the user can verify that her modem will most
likely work. 

       I think there is a coordination problem here, with the
`setserial' package, which does not have a config program, which
should be run prior to pppconfig (or maybe see item 1.d above).

Thanks again for creating Debian ``the best'' GNU/Linux
Distribution on my PC workstation,

Jeff Sheinberg  <jeffsh@erols.com>

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