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Happy New Years good friends and ppl..:)

My question is, that I did a upgrade to slink, and got the latest Gimp
pkg. I had the last version and cleaned that all up and so forth. Now,
my problem is that when I run the Gimp, it claims not to find any of my 
fonts, except Helvectica ( oh joy..:). I have every font known to man on 
my box and am wondering if this is a bug or something I am missing ( not 
the 1st time, and not the last..:)...I saw a post about the new Gimp and 
a problem with it as well...BTW: In regards to the upgrade, besides the 
Gimp acting up, all went Great...:) Any suggestions would be most 

1999...The year of Debian...well all years for that matter..:)

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