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Things I noticed while running slink

I have been running slink for about 4 days now and I noticed a few quirks.

kernel-source-2.0.35 left a tar ball in /usr/src 
 Is this correct? All other sources have been untared.

wdm-1.0.3 has the same keyboard lock up problem as xdm
 (and the same work around, switching to console just before wdm starts)

gimp-1.0.2-3, cannot correctly view png files with netscape (communicator 
 4.5) that have been altered or created with gimp.

gnumeric-0.3-1 wont run from wmaker menu. When started from prompt 
 complains about being unable to open module 
 /usr/lib/gnumeric/plugins/libpython.so, I have lots of python installed 
 and will tell more if requested.

observation: login process sporadically reprints login name before 
prompting for password. less sometimes causes terminal to get caught on 
bottom line and logout-login won't fix it.

I have never submitted a bug report before so if I should would someone 
please tell me how? I just figured that most maintainers probably read 
these lists.

Frisco Rose	rosef@eou.edu	

"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent."    Isaac Asimov, Foundation

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