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Testing migration summary 2020-01-07 (Tuesday)

On 2020-01-07 (Tuesday), the following source package(s) entered testing:

  source package                          version                      previous
  activemq                                5.15.11-1                    (not in testing)
  code-saturne                            6.0.1-1                      6.0.0-1
  commons-daemon                          1.0.15-8                     (not in testing)
  gdk-pixbuf                              2.40.0+dfsg-2                2.40.0+dfsg-1
  golang-github-dgraph-io-ristretto       0.0.1-1                      (not in testing)
  hashrat                                 1.10.4-1                     1.10.2-2
  libcpan-audit-perl                      0.15-2                       (not in testing)
  libimobiledevice                        1.2.1~git20190929.60823f9-2  1.2.1~git20181030.92c5462-1
  libnet-async-http-perl                  0.45-1                       0.44-2
  libnet-oauth2-authorizationserver-perl  0.24-1                       0.20-1
  libplist                                2.1.0-3                      2.0.1~git20190104.3f96731-1
  libusb-libusb-perl                      0.09-2                       (not in testing)
  ompl                                    1.4.2+ds1-5                  1.4.2+ds1-4
  php-guzzlehttp-promises                 1.3.1-2                      (not in testing)
  python-engineio                         3.11.1-1                     3.0.0+dfsg-1
  ruby-jekyll-multiple-languages          1.6.0-2                      (not in testing)
  ruby-unleash                            0.1.6-2                      (not in testing)
  steghide                                0.5.1-14                     0.5.1-13
  uima-as                                 2.3.1-9                      (not in testing)

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