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nest rush hour

It appears to us that the stock is in an accumulation phase and might
be ready for a big pop to new highs.
That would be well over a 300% gain from these levels.
We assume many of you like to "trade the promotion" and may have made
some big, fast money doing so.
IF you are Receiving this email, you are among the first public
investors to know about  A M S N  !!!
Big watch in play this tomorrow morning!
This stock will explode!
When this Stock moves - WATCH OUT!

Trade Date : 5 Jun 2006
Name : Amerossi International Group Inc.
Ticker : A M S N Yes, it looks like the momentum has started up again.
Current Price : $0.05
8month Target : $0.50 - $0.70
Recommendation : 200-400%

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