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Testing removal summary 2005-12-27 (Tuesday)

The following source package(s) have been removed from testing:

  REMOVED: abntex 0.8.2-2
    # 20051226
    Bug #339060: abntex: FTBFS: \pdfinfo used while \pdfoutput

  REMOVED: acidlab 0.9.6b20-13
    # 20051226
    Bug #337992: acidlab: sarge to sid upgrade mess with conffiles

  REMOVED: cduce 0.3.2-2
    # 20051225
    Bug #344730: cduce: FTBFS: build-depends on old version of ocaml

The following package(s) appear to have valid removal hints,
but are still in testing for some reason:

  HINTED FOR REMOVAL: ndiswrapper-modules-i386 1.1-2
    # 20051028
    Bug #323742: FTBFS: Unable to find gcc-3.3
    # ndiswrapper-utils is rdepends...

  HINTED FOR REMOVAL: nedit 1:5.5-1
    # 20051022
    Bug #318261: nedit: does not start up after installing xserver-xorg (x opcode failure)
    # junior-writing as rdepends...

  HINTED FOR REMOVAL: skkdic 20040323-1.1
    # lets get this moving, #272127

The script that generates this mail tries to extract removal
reasons from comments in the britney hint files. Those comments
were not originally meant to be machine readable, so if the
reason for removing your package seems to be nonsense, it is
probably the reporting script that got confused. Please check the
actual hints file before you complain about meaningless removals.

This email is automatically generated; henning@makholm.net is responsible.
See http://people.debian.org/~henning/trille/ for more information.

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