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miniDebConf19 Vaumarcus - Oct 25-27 2019 - Call for Presentations

Dear Debian people,

## Talks wanted - Call for Presentations (CfP)

We're opening the Call for Presentations for the miniDebConf19 Vaumarcus now, 
until October 20, so please contribute to the MiniDebConf by proposing a talk, 
workshop, birds of feather (BoF) session, etc.


We are aiming for talks which are somehow related to Debian or Free Software 
in general, see the wiki for subject suggestions. We expect submissions and 
talks to be held in English, as this is the working language in Debian and at 
this event.

## Debian Sprints welcome

The place is ideal for a 2 days' sprint; so we encourage teams to assemble and 
gather in Vaumarcus!

# Sponsors wanted

We're looking for more sponsors willing to help making this event possible; to 
help making it easier for anyone interested to attend. We have not yet decided 
upon sponsor categories and benefits, but come talk to us already if you can 

# More hands wanted

Things are on a good track, but we need more help. Specifically, Attendee 
support would benefit from more hands.

# Get in touch

    We gather on the #debian.ch channel on irc.debian.org and the debian-
switzerland@lists.debian.org list. For more private matters, talk to 

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you in Vaumarcus!

For the Vaumarcus miniDebConf19 orga team,

    Didier 'OdyX' Raboud

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