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Re: Publicity Team for the Vaumarcus MiniDebConf Oct 25.-27.

Dear Adriana,

thank you for your email, and for voicing your concerns.

Le jeudi, 29 août 2019, 01.04:04 h CEST Adriana Cássia a écrit :
> I'm having difficult to understand why Ana published today a micronews
> with the link to your blog post, because I wrote a very similar text
> and submitted to the publicity team review it. So, until yesterday we
> were talking about my text but today I saw that another text was
> released and I loose my time submitting the news. In fact, it was not
> a urgent news because it was already sent to the lists. Yes, we could
> wait more time to do it.
> I was expecting that we (Debian community members) could be more
> collaborative and talk more before acting. Nothing is so urgent that
> we can't wait a little more to talk and build a consensus before just
> acting without considerer other people fellings.

I really wanted to send the registration emails "soon", and then considered 
that a blogpost on the planet with the same content, would be useful, so I 
went with mostly the same content as the emails, on my blog (as it is 
syndicated on the Planet). I am sorry that I failed to communicate my intent 
to write a blogpost.

As for the micronews post, it came without me asking for it. Unfortunately, my 
week has been dense with non-Debian subjects, and besides sending the emails 
and my blogpost, I really haven't had the time nor bandwidth to coordinate any 
further communication for the miniDebConf. Also, I am not subscribed to the 
debian-publicity@l.d.o list, nor present on the Debian Publicity IRC channel.

> I'm not feel motivated to keep spending my time in publicity for
> MiniDebConf Vaumarcus. Sometimes the easier way to solve some issues
> is to say that it was a misunderstanding or that people that are not
> English native speaker don't understand the message. This is not the
> first I had to read this, it happened in DebConf19 too: "we are not
> wrong, you that can't understand english very well".

I am really saddened to read that you lost your motivation to help out for 
this miniDebConf and really hope that these communication hiccups can get 

Thank you for your energy and work until now; it was appreciated.

Best regards,

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