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miniDebConf19 in Vaumarcus - Oct 25-27 2019

The debian.ch Board is very happy to announce its plan to host a miniDebConf 
in Vaumarcus' LeCamp in 2019! This is the DebConf13's venue.

Given the venue's limited availability, we have started discussions with 
LeCamp and have already signed a contract for the
	October 25-27. 2019 weekend!

So, save the date!

The very limited information we have at the moment is on the Debian Wiki:


The event organisation and coordination will happen on the
debian-switzerland@l.d.o mailing list, so join us there if you're interested 
to help gather sponsors, organize and coordinate talks, fill or staff the bar, 

We're thrilled and excited to be able to host a conference in that fantastic 
venue again and looking forward to welcoming lots of Debian people on that 
lake-view hill!

For the debian.ch board:


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