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Re: G.fast modems suitable for bridge mode in Switzerland

On 03/09/18 11:43, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anybody know about the modems and routers for the 500 mbit FTTC
> services?
> In particular, has Swisscom published any list of supported devices?
> Has anybody verified if any of them can be easily put into bridge mode
> to have the connection managed from a Debian or OpenWRT based router?

Some partial information I found, none of these appears in any online
shop though:

Some Swisscom customers have apparently been given an SFP, it may be the
device below and maybe this would work in a Turris Omnia or cheap media
converter like the TP-link MC220L.

Metanoia MT-G5321 SFP

Various web sites mention these devices:

Huawei MT992

Zyxel XMG5101-S10A

It is not clear if every device is backwards compatible, e.g. for
somebody on VDSL right now who wants to buy a device that will work with
VDSL now and automatically work on G.fast when the circuit is upgraded.

I also asked my ISP (Init7) but haven't had any feedback yet.



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