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who wants to keep the Debian stand-up banners?

Does anybody else want to keep one or more of the Debian stand-up
banners produced in Singapore?

I could bring them to the Debian Treff in Zurich tonight and I could
also bring one of them down to Romandie next time I'm out that way.

It is probably a good idea to distribute them to people who regularly
attend events or who can quickly loan them out to other people.  As I'm
based outside Zurich, it is not so easy for me to get them to other
people before they travel somewhere.

Maybe one can be used in the monthly meetings too, it would be best to
keep it with somebody who attends regularly.

Packed, they are 60cm x 9cm x 9cm with individual carry bags, they are
very light and easy to take on the train or pack into a suitcase.



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