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Invitation to the debian.ch General Meeting - 2015-01-31 16:00 CEST, St-Cergue

[BCC'ed to all debian.ch members & DPL]

Dear all,

This is your invitation to the General Meeting of the `debian.ch'
association which will be held during the "Rencontres Hivernales du
Libre" (FLOSS Winter Meetup) [0] organized by Swisslinux.org [1]:

Location: Centre communal du Vallon, 1264 St-Cergue [2]
Time:     Saturday 2015-01-31 16:00 CEST

The debian.ch GM will be followed by the traditional fondue! Please
register your planned attendance for the GM in the following poll:


These "Rencontres Hivernales du Libre" take place there over the whole
week-end and will also host a Debian BSP [3]. You're very welcome to
join and stay overnight (for geeky discussions and activities and/or
winter activities)! In that case, please note that Swisslinux.org
charges 30.- for one night and 50.- for two and please also register
yourself there:


Please also note that the BSP attendance is eligible for sponsoring (see
[3]) and that the debian.ch board is ready to consider individual
support for the GM attendance.

The prospective agenda for the GM is as follows; please send any
modification proposals to board@debian.ch.

debian.ch Annual General Meeting
* Greetings
* Ratification of the minutes of the AGM 2014 (attached to this mail)
* Reports from the board
* Discharge of the board
* Approval of new members
  (no new members applied since the last AGM so far)
* Board election
* Varia

See you there!

On behalf of the board,

Didier 'OdyX' Raboud
	president of debian.ch

[0] http://www.swisslinux.org/wiki/fr/association/projets/weekend2015
[1] http://www.swisslinux.org/
[2] http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/157381822
[3] https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2015/01/ch/St-Cergue
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Presence: Didier Raboud (Chair), Gaudenz Steinlin (minutes), Philipp
Hug, Luca Capello, Michele Cane, Axel Beckert, Elmar Heeb, Raphaël
Excused: Martin Krafft, Salvatore Bonaccorso, Eva Ramon

Date: May 10, 2014, 12:45

* Greetings
  Voting Members: 6

* Ratification of the minutes of the AGM 2013 (attached to this mail)
  Agreed: 4
  Abstain: 2

* Approval of new members
  Elmar Heeb, sponsored by Axel Beckert
  Raphaël Walther, sponsored by Luca Capello
  Agreed: 6

  New Voting Members count: 8

* Reports from the board

** President (Didier Raboud)
  The board was not very active last year because of the organization
  of DebConf 13. The whole stock of merchandise moved to Didier
  Raboud. The current stock is visible on the website now. He is
  taking care of merchandise sales.

** Treasurer (Philipp Hug)
  Philipp presents the financial report, see separate document, the
  association made a profit of CHF 4'784.88.

  Didier and Axel will provide a statement of stock of merchandise as
  it was by the end of 2013.

  Agreed: 7
  Abstain: 1

* Discharge of the board

  Agreed: 5
  Abstain: 3

* Board election
  Candidates: Ddier Raboud, Philipp Hug, Gaudenz Steinlin

  Agreed: 5
  Abstain: 3

* Varia
  We got a request from the DPL to get debian.ch as a Debian trusted
  organization. The board will take care of this.

  Didier is ready to continue to take care of the actual merchandise
  stock, but there are no plans to produce new stuff.

  We decide to give the knives that are already at Debian France to
  them as a donation (Transfer between Debian trusted organizations).

  Didier and Mike are planning to organize a MiniDebconf later this
  year in the Romandie.

  Getting tax exempt status for debian.ch would require changes to the
  bylaws. The money after dissolution would have to got to another tax
  exempt association in Switzerland. The article about the DPL is
  problematic too. Being tax exempt also means quite a lot more
  bureaucracy every year. Currently the conclusion is that it's not
  worth the effort, but it might be interesting in the future if we
  had more activities.

Meeting closed at 13:30
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