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Re: Keysigning in Zurich, 7.9. to 12.9.?

Hi everybody,

[CCing community@lists.debian.ch as Gaudenz suggested.]

Thanks for all your answers - looks like quite a few people are willing
to come for keysigning/drinks. I am yet to finalize my detailed travel
plans and day-to-day schedule, but expect Monday to be the best evening,
also based on the feedback I received so far. Workshops will end around
18:00 somewhere at
http://www.ubicomp.org/ubicomp2013/attending.php#workshopsite and I will
be free afterwards (pretty much open end).

If that would work for everybody who is interested, then I could try to
find out if there is a good place to meet around this area or "downtown"
that everybody can find. Of course, anybody from Zurich is welcome to
suggest a specific place ;-)

best regards,

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