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[CH] Job openings in Liip AG, Fribourg


Liip AG is opening multiple job positions in Fribourg (CH) which might be of 
interest for people with Debian- and web-related skills.

You want to work in modern web developement? Join us!

- Developer Web Operations

	We are looking for someone with wide interests and skills in web
	operations: database and httpd servers maintenance, new deployments, etc.

	FLOSS and/or Debian background are definitely a plus.


- Moodle Developer

	We are looking for someone with good Moodle and/or PHP skills, generally
	interested in e-learning systems for the benefit of all types of 
	customers (ranging from small institutions to big international

	FLOSS and/or Moodle background are definitely a plus.


- Drupal Developer

	We are looking for someone with good Drupal and/or PHP skills willing to
	work towards customizing, enhancing and beautifying Drupal for all types
	of customers.

	FLOSS and/or Drupal background are definitely a plus.


If you have all these three skillsets, then even better, don't hesitate to 
contact us for an interview!

Liip offers multiple work-life balance advantages such as part-time work, 
parental leave, great education budget, and so on. Liip also offers a very 
FLOSS-friendly atmosphere by encouraging employees to take part and 
responsibilities in open-source projects.

Finally, although the offers linked above are currently only in german, one 
can very well work in french or english, although fluency in at least one 
swiss official language is recommended.

With my best regards,

Didier Raboud (aka odyx@debian.org )

[@] http://www.liip.ch/
Liip AG // Rue de la Banque 1 // CH-1700 Fribourg
Tel +41 26 422 25 11 // GPG 0x2BEF0A33 // www.liip.ch

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