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debian.ch AGM date poll

Hi all,

After one month, let's see if there's enough interest to make that "social 
part" happen; I'll take the challenge.

Le vendredi, 15 février 2013 23.15:17, Gaudenz Steinlin a écrit :
> It's the time of the year again where the debian.ch association holds
> it's annual meeting (AGM). I as the secretary am responsible for
> organizing the formal part of this. In the last years we combined the
> AGM with a fondue dinner. If you think (like me) that it's worth to keep
> this tradition someone needs to step up as an organizer for this.
> What needs to be done:
> - Finding a location to host the AGM and where we can prepare and eat
>   the fondue.
> - Find a suitable date and time for the AGM.
> - Organize the fondue (AGM participants can help with this).

For the place, I propose to have it at Liip's Fribourg offices: it's 
relatively central and has the infrastructure for the fondue-making (depending 
on the number of attendees).

As for the date, please fill the following poll before Friday 22.:




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