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13th RMLL/LSM 2012: call for Debian participants

Hi there!

Michele Cane (Bcc:ed) and I registered Debian for the "associate
village" (basically a booth) at the 13th RMLL/LSM 2012:


A proper announcement will be sent out when our registration will be
confirmed, so take this as a first 'call for help'.

Given that I will not be there because of DebConf12 and Michele is sure
to be present only for the week-end Jul 7-8, we registered only those
dates.  Other people showed interest (the one I know were Bcc:ed as
well), so please reply to this email with all the details (if you prefer
a private discussion, feel free to "spam" the events@d.o address) or,
better, fill in the wiki page:


Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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