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Re: [Debconf13-ch] Vaumarcus visit

Hi there!

On Tue, 18 Oct 2011 09:36:24 +0200, Michele Cane wrote:
> I've contacted Vaumarcus and they propose  Wednesday 26th or Thursday
> 27th as visiting days.

The visit was very pleasant and Mr. Olivier Pianaro (Le Camp director,
Bcc:ed), was very nice to show us (Didier, Gaudenz and myself) all the
facilities and answer our questions.  Before going into details, I
decided to quickly fill the LocationCheckList for Vaumarcus:


Basically, the venue can fit our needs, the negative points are:

- sharing the main auditorium with the dining room is suboptimal, but
  there are no other valid solutions (and the fact that there is a
  removable door that separates them is good).

- there are only 325 sleeping places, so we could be short, but at La
  Rouvraie <http://www.larouvraie.ch/> there are another 120 places, at
  a 10-minute-car distance.  Camping outside does not seem to be an

- the connectivity is not yet up to our needs, they have a basic ADSL
  and they are working to update it, but their ETA is not known yet.
  Wi-Fi is available in some houses, but coverage should be extended
  (ideally to the whole venue to let people enjoy the weather and the

Some other worth points:

- arriving there is not so difficult, but from the nearest bus stop
  (Concise La Rochelle) the straight path through the fields is not so
  easy.  They rent a 12-place minibus, in case.

- while catering is provided, we have to do the washing.

- prices in CHF per person per day are 40.- for the food, 25.- for 155
  "nordic/real" beds (equipped with sheets) and 19.- for 170 "youth
  hostel" beds (sleeping bags needed).

- availability is dependent on some ancient clients, which means that
  starting from the holidays in the middle of July 10 days are usually
  already booked by another camp and another 10 days are taken around
  August 1st.  Thus, the best period seems to be from 2013-08-05 to
  2013-08-18.  A pre-reservation can be made, but the decision should be
  communicated ASAP, anyway before 2012-03 and if possible before the
  end of 2011.

- the dormitories are separated into small houses, most of them with
  common spaces (e.g. internal rooms or terraces) to have smaller
  discussions, basic kitchens and all the comforts for handicapped
  people as well (bathrooms/toilets and elevators).

- the main auditorium can be split into two parts, the biggest one
  reserved for the main room (~300 persons) and the smallest part for
  the meals (~150 persons), but if needed space can be done. The upper
  floor of the rotonda would be ideal for the talk room (~80 persons),
  with the noisy hacklab on the lower floor. A smaller talk room (~40
  persons) could be the chapel. Other "informal" talk rooms and/or
  hacklabs can be setup in the single houses, e.g. on the terraces.

I think it is all for now, Didier or Gaudenz could add something more.

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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